Short Natural Hairstyles for African Americans

Short Natural Hairstyles are not only about personal style but are an echo of the heritage and culture as well. Many African Americans tend to bear different hair textures that vary from being tight-curled to straight. Nevertheless, long and straight hair is the uncommonness amongst African American people, and thus, getting short natural hairstyles appropriate for it, many individuals go for chemical or heat straightening. However, it may make your hair more controllable but straightening has certain dreadful side effects too. However, short natural hairstyles show the glam and texture of black hair in their individual manner. In reality, the naturally curly texture of African American hair lets it be styled in myriads of styles. The curly-coiled hair texture permits your hair to appear much denser that it truly is. Thus, from classy Afros to the charming braid hairstyles, short natural hairstyles offer flexibility to try various things and still stand out in the crowd.

Short Natural Hairstyles

Short Natural Hairstyles for African Americans


You may say that it looks like a passive version of the Mohawk hairstyle, but precisely a hairdo on its own the Fohawk which also termed as Faux Hawk. You may also perceive it as a fake Mohawk. You might have seen it sported by Rihanna. However, Fohawk contains offering the shape of a small fan on the top of your head. In this style, the side hair is cut short. The side are not thoroughly shaved (as done in Mohawk) but merely trimmed short. At the center of the head, the hair is pulled up with a styling gel. Then you comb your hair at the sides and use an ample amount of Hairspray to style your hair. One nice feature of this hairdo is that you can simply part and comb your hair sideways, for formal events or for work.

African American Mohawk Hairstyle


Locks or Deadlocks – these are the dense entwined curls of hair, which form by themselves by ultimately combining to shape a single rope or dread of hair. Along with the normal techniques of achieving this rope-like result, there are various artificial ways to get dreadlocks as well. Such ways involve twisting, dread perms, or backcombing.

African American Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Zulu Knots

This is one of the classiest short natural hairstyles and ethnically considered as one of the most original ones. To make this hairstyle, you need to make five or six sections of your natural black hair and then braid and twist them into as many knots. This hairdo is not only playful and chic but jeeps your hair tidy and neat as well for an extended span of time. To do this hairdo, you need a rat tail comb to part and divide the hair. Equally, various sections can be formed as required. This hairdo was created African tribeswomen and is also termed as Bantu. It eventually spread to a different place. You might have seen Halle Berry sporting Zulu Knots.

African American Zulu Knots Hairstyle

While picking one of these short natural hairstyles may appear tough, make the decision based on how the hairdo goes with your face shape as well as your personality. Taken together, adhering to your glamorous natural curls lets you embrace the short natural hairstyles and their glam.

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