Combat Frizzy Hair with 7 Simple Tips

Hairs are made of proteins and the essential food for hairs is also the protein. When the food and essential nutrients of the hairs are not complete the hairs become damaged and become fuzzy and sometimes become dry and unhealthy. The hairs become Frizzy due to many reasons including in these are the to dry hairs, exposure to chemicals to the hairs, excess of heat to the hairs and hairstyles. Frizzy hairs are like an everyday battle of girls because these hairs are not easily combed and if these are combed these not look beautiful. Some solutions for Frizzy hairs are avoiding humid locations, increasing moisture in the hair and using a wide-toothed comb.

Combat Frizzy Hair

The tips that can be used to combat the Frizzy hairs are the following.


Take the food rich in vitamin Because this is the very essential vitamin for hairs and the sources include peanuts, almonds, fish, olives, spinach, etc. Vitamin E is very good and essential for skin and hair. There are many other alternatives of the hairs the alternatives include capsules and tablets of the vitamin E. Oil of vitamin E is also present in the market one can use the oil of vitamin E for hairs. Daily massage of oil is very helpful in making the hair healthy and strong. Squeeze its oil out and massage it in your hair. This remedy is very helpful for combating the Frizzy hairs.

Avoid Heat:

Don’t use the excess of hats for making the styles of hairs. Use less heat for hairs as the excess of heat may damage the hairs. The cool air is the best for hairs and makes the hairs beautiful. Vitamin D is also essential for hairs so the exposure of sunlight is also nest for hairs. Sunlight gives the shine in the hairs.


Dab a drop or two of body moisturizer or lotion and rub your hands through your hair to smooth it and then massage it in the hairs. Do not use an excess of lotion because it will also damage the shine of hairs and it will also make the hair look greasy.

Good Quality Conditioner:

Apply a good quality conditioner to the hairs regularly. Because the conditioners are made of nutrients and proteins that are essential for hairs so a good quality conditioner will act as a food source for hours. It will also make the hair smooth and soft.

Olive Oil Mixed:

Regularly deep cleanse the hairs with a mixture of equal parts of olive oil mixed with egg and mayonnaise or a good quality oil or some vitamin oil. Dab the mixture in your hair and gently massage. Put on a towel and let the conditioner stay on your hair for 15 minutes. Wash your hair and shampoo.

Use of Shampoo inadequate quantity:

Wash the hairs three times in a week with a good quality shampoo because shampoo is the main source of nutrients for hairs. Extra use of shampoo can also damage the hairs so always use the shampoo in required amounts.

Visit the Dermatologist:

Regularly visit the dermatologist for good instructions about Frizzy hair care.

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